Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I can't stand up! I have a bone in my leg!

This has been a most difficult summer. I haven't felt like blogging for a couple of months now (obviously). My right hip has given me hell ever since April of this year. Finally, after several doctor visits, x-rays, a MRI, and a lot of PAIN, I was finally diagnosed with transient osteoporosis in my hip and thigh. This is not to be confused with "regular" osteoporosis.
Not much is known about Transient O - they don't know what causes it and there is no treatment for it. What it does to you is this - in whatever joint it affects it causes the bone marrow to swell. OMG!! This, of course, HURTS! A lot. It also causes the surrounding tissues to swell. The pain was in my hip from my waist down to my knee. And all you can do is wait for it to "transition" away. It comes. It goes. Takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to do its thing. Here's the kicker: All this swelling in the bone marrow sometimes cuts off the blood supply to the bone - causing bone necrosis (bone death).
Hellfire and damnation!!!
Shoot - there were times this summer that pain pills wouldn't even touch it. I would lie awake all night with a throbbing hip and leg. If I moved just a tiny bit the wrong way - well, it was bad. And through it all I didn't know what was wrong. My dooberhead doctor waited 2 months before ordering a MRI - of which I got a copy. Man!! That hip and thigh bone was MESSED UP!
Anyway, it's much better. The pain is finally and slowly getting better. I have good days and not so good days. Now I have to wait and have periodic x-rays to see if any lasting damage has occured. Lord, I hope not. That would mean a total hip replacement. PRAY!

I have managed to take a few photos recently. Take a look:

I think this lil tree frog is lost.

Loose livestock - "MOO. Got mail?"

This is a nice view of a choo-choo. I like the trains and their graffitied boxcars. I have to cross this track at 4 different places.

Some more yard art. I would love to know the story of this "weenie" dog and how he came to be straddled atop a milk can.

Now, I bet y'all didn't know that if you come
across a droopy power line all you need to do
is find you a big ol' stick to prop it up.

BE AFRAID!! Be very afraid...