Sunday, July 5, 2009

Step back non-believers or the rain will never come...

This bridge marks the entrance to a Wildlife Refuge area. It's made of railroad ties - with spaces between them large enough to see the water WAY DOWN below. (See the next picture.)

With no rain lately, the water level is pretty low in our bayous.

Even the cattails are praying for rain. A cloudy day would be a relief.

Hotter than the 4th of July

The past two weeks have been brutal out on the mail route. We've had a monster area of high pressure suffocating us with 100+ degrees and no rain. It has been absolutely miserable. With it being so hot and dry, everything is just about burned to a crisp. The grass is brown and crunchy. This is a picture of a digital thermometer on the sunshade in my Jeep. This is what the temperature has been inside that Jeep for the last two weeks on the route -- with the windows down. On the last third of my route I can close the windows and turn on the air. But even then, the temp stays around 92 degrees. WHEW!!!

There have only been a few bright spots along the route these two weeks. Yellow seems to be the only color to survive the heat. Here are the last of the blooms.

Stinky old bitterweeds

Finally! We got some rain today! WOO-HOO!! Temperatures today below 100!! (Not much rain, but some is better than none.) Here's hoping that July will be cooler than June.

Objet d'art

Yard art just fascinates me. What is the inspiration for it? How do they decide what piece goes where and with what other pieces? Is it trial and error? I don't have that particular calling to create yard art. Hence, the questions. Anyway, enjoy.

I really like the bells. Makes me want to run up there and, well, ring it.

And the pots of flowers are a nice touch.

Look at the symmetry of this one.

This would make a nice ad for laundry soap - "Use FLORAL detergent and see the bubbles turn into BLOOMS."

A multi-tasking work of art: sewing, mowing, milk delivery, etc.

I think they use magic to keep that big rock from falling out of those ice tongs.

A lot of hard work goes into yard art. I think some folks really enjoy creating it, though. I know I enjoy looking at it and watching for the next "objet" to appear.