Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tidbits - Part 2

As we all know by now (well, not everyone), postage rates have gone up again. I just love it. Not. Most of my customers who mail out on the route are using either the new 44 cent or the "Forever" stamps. Some, I think, just refuse to and keep using the 42 or even lower denomination stamps. Others just don't quite get it, yet. Ugggh!! And, SURPRISE, their letters and bills actually get where they are going. How's that? Well. I put the extra postage on them. And I suppose there are many, many other rural carriers out there who do the same thing. And I KNOW there are some who won't give up those 2 pennies. Anyway, it's kind of a two-way street--customers utilizing "snail mail" help me keep my job and when I put my 2 cents worth in, their bills get paid on time. ;)

More pictures!!
This pair of ducks was wandering from puddle to puddle having a splashing good time until I pointed my camera at them. As they trudged away, I could hear them muttering under their breath, "wak, wak, wak, it's that crazy mail lady again." Then they turned in unison and gave me the stink eye. Double!!

But I really think the puddle snakes wait and watch for me. They probably tell each other, "No, really, wait right here. Just under this mailbox. You'll get to see the crazy mail lady."

Here is the secret garden! A large patch of beautiful daylillies way off the road - almost hidden from my flower radar.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Apparently there's not much going on in my little world. No inspiration for blogging. Shoot.

I saw, for the first time on my route, an alligator. Big 'un. 'Bout six feet long. It was dead. Shoot.

I saw, for the first time on my route, an eagle. It was so beautiful! It flew across the road right in front of me and landed in a pasture. I grabbed my camera, but it wasn't working right. Shoot!!

The air conditioning at the Post Office has been out all week. It's May in the deep South = sweat, limp hair, sweat, humidity, sweat, mosquitoes, sweat. Shoot!!!

My "check engine" light came on today. This stupid Jeep is doing the same thing it did last summer when the outside temp gets up around 90 degrees. Looks like I'm buying another transmission control unit. Shoot!!!!

I stopped to help a turtle that had been clipped by a vehicle and flipped onto his back. I turned him over and got him off of the highway. He wandered on. I hope he's OK. I NEED him to be OK.

I saw some baby doves in a nest under a big bell in a customer's yard. They smiled for my camera.

Also, a "friendly" little water snake, living in a flooded ditch, popped his head up to say "hello" and to also smile for my camera.

Well, it is what it is. Later.