Sunday, July 5, 2009

Objet d'art

Yard art just fascinates me. What is the inspiration for it? How do they decide what piece goes where and with what other pieces? Is it trial and error? I don't have that particular calling to create yard art. Hence, the questions. Anyway, enjoy.

I really like the bells. Makes me want to run up there and, well, ring it.

And the pots of flowers are a nice touch.

Look at the symmetry of this one.

This would make a nice ad for laundry soap - "Use FLORAL detergent and see the bubbles turn into BLOOMS."

A multi-tasking work of art: sewing, mowing, milk delivery, etc.

I think they use magic to keep that big rock from falling out of those ice tongs.

A lot of hard work goes into yard art. I think some folks really enjoy creating it, though. I know I enjoy looking at it and watching for the next "objet" to appear.

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